Large collection of about 40 quality microphones by Neumann, Sennheiser, DPA, Shure, AKG, Electro-Voice, Audix, Microtech-Gefell, …

Trident-MTA Series 980 analogue recording console (40:24:2). Audio quality with a tradition: this is the direct descendent of the legendary Trident Series 80, by the British console manufacturer that was leading the market during the seventies and eighties.

Steinberg Cubase recording and editing system, hosting numerous plug-ins (Sonnox, iZotope, SPL, Slate Digital, FabFilter, Celemony, Synchro Arts, Sound Radix, Eventide, u-he, IK Multimedia, Sonible, eiosis, Newfangled Audio, …).

Loads of analogue outboard: pre-amps, compressor-limiters, EQ’s, de-essers, etc. by Tube-Tech, Neve, Focusrite, Grace Design, Urei, Drawmer, Joe Meek, Aphex, Rebis, Universal Audio, dbx, SPL, BBE, …

A wide variety of hardware digital effects-units: Lexicon 480L and PCM96, Eventide H3000, G4000 and Eclipse, TC Electronic M2000 and D-Two. Hardware digital dynamics processors by J√ľnger, Waves and Drawmer. And AD/DA convertors by Antelope and Benchmark.

Otari analogue tape recorder, Otari DAT recorder, Sony Minidisc, Denon cassettedeck and Garrard vinyl turntable, in case you might want to transfer and restore older recordings.

Accurate monitoring through Tannoy, KRK and Auratone speaker systems.
But most important of all: set up in an acoustically reliable environment.

Musical instruments, available at no extra charge:
Steinway grand piano (Boston),
Vintage drumkit (Marius Renatus),
Vox guitar amps (AC30, Cambridge).


Rates = 52 euros VAT included,
including engineer, for any activity (recording, editing, mixing, mastering).


dk recording studio
Notaxlaan 37
9070 Destelbergen
+32 (0)499 605 692
VAT-registration: BE 0643.177.405.