Recording areas
- The rooms are acoustically measured and treated for optimum sound-reflection versus sound-absorption characteristics.
- Booths facilities and mobile walls for good sound separation.
- The floating construction of the recording areas ensures efficient sound proofing.
- 8 headphones circuits, to provide each musician with his own independent monitor mix.

Control room
The well-studied acoustics of the control room yield an utterly reliable listening environment for having accurate control over the mixing and the mastering.

Machine room
No masking noise to disturb the adequate listening environment of the control room, as all noisy equipment (having ventilators) is housed in a separate machine room.


- Only 2 kms from Gent-Dampoort trainstation.
- Only 3 kms from the town-centre of Gent.
- Quiet and green surroundings.
- No parking problems. +32 9228 98 97