- Loads of analogue outboard.
Pre-amps, compressor-limiters, EQ's, de-essers, etc. by Tube-Tech, Neve, Focusrite, Grace Design, Urei, Drawmer, Joe Meek, Aphex, Rebis, Universal Audio, dbx, SPL, BBE, ...

- A wide variety of digital effects-units.
Lexicon 480L and PCM96, Eventide H3000, G4000 and Eclipse, TC Electronic M2000 and D-Two.

- Hardware digital dynamics processors by J√ľnger, Waves and Drawmer. And convertors by Benchmark.

- Complete CD pre-mastering service.
Dedicated software including a comprehensive set of mastering plug-ins by Sonnox, iZotope, SPL, Slate Digital, FabFilter, Newfangled Audio, ...
Still in service: Otari analogue tape recorder, Otari DAT recorder, Sony Minidisc and Garrard vinyl turntable, in case you might want to transfer and restore older recordings.

- Extensive monitoring, through PMC, Tannoy, Kef and Auratone speaker systems.
But most of all: set up in an acoustically fully reliable control room.

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